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All my life I have been charmed and fascinated by the wine business. Dealing with wine producers, merchants and those who merely enjoy drinking a good glass of wine has been a labour of love. I learned early on that there are many wonderful wines which are very reasonably priced and it's not necessary to spend a lot of money for a very good bottle of wine.
With this conviction, together with my wine knowledge, background and contacts, I assembled a collection of smaller boutique wineries. Many of these wineries are undiscovered gems that remain unknown in international markets but all have the same characteristic in common. These wineries produce extremely high quality wine and offer consumers excellent value through competitive pricing. This is fundamental to my business philosophy.
In the past people were unfamiliar with wine. Today, however, the demand for quality wines offering genuine value has spread all over the world through wine courses, magazine publications, and the internet. This new network of wine education has sparked the consumer's curiosity for more and more information about the various types and styles of wine, the wineries that produce them and the entire wine making process. As wine drinkers eagerly research new wines, they inevitably look for and discover smaller wines that offer an attractive alternative to the bigger well known brands.
The thirst for knowledge has led many people to seek small unknown producers where the wines take on the wine-makers personality and the very essence of his character. These producers care for their wines as they would one of there children. I see this phenomenon over and over in my native Tuscany where wineries still cultivate the ancient Tuscan grapes such as Mammolo, Ciliegiolo, Colorino and Prugnolo. In a time of globalization, I most admire how these wineries remain faithful to the time honoured traditional wine making methods. It is true that a Merlot grown in Veneto has different nuances than one grown in Tuscany or Apulia but it is also true that a person can appreciate and experience local wine making traditions and variations when tasting a Tuscan Ciliegiolo or a Barbera from Piedmont, or a Sicilian Grillo.

It is my vision and my desire to build a commercial network for wines offering uniqueness, quality and value, and satisfying the needs of importers seeking large quantities at lower price points giving up as little quality as possible (it would not be possible to do otherwise). Whatever your need may be, please be assured that it is possible to find affordable, very good wines and remember that even wines distributed in very large quantities must also have dignity and quality standards that reflect upon ourselves.



Andrea Biagini - Broker & Wine Consultant

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