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I was born in the heart of Tuscany, in San Gimignano, near Siena, January 3rd 1965. I got in touch with the world of wine at the age of 23 and soon started to realize that it would have been difficult to get away from it.

I managed to develop a good experience in the field, thanks to the different positions I have covered:
- In the cellar with experienced enologists for the choice of products to prepare and age.
- In the office: book keeping, preparation of documents needed for national and international sales.
- Sales: from choosing the packaging to the creation and organization of the sales in Italian market, but mostly for the European and extra-European markets.

Sales were dedicated most of my time, especially the foreign market, to which I mostly give my attention and passion, and obtain in exchange, the most satisfaction, participating in wine fairs, workshops, and visits with other importers in countries such as Japan, Australia, United States, Canada, China, Korea, Germany, France, England, Malta, Poland, and others.

To complete my "field" experience of wine, in December 2002 I obtained the Certification of Sommelier Fisar, and 2 years later a second one with the same association. This made me understand even better, that there's always more to learn with wine.



Andrea Biagini - Broker & Wine Consultant

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